The Alchemy of Objects: Midnight Party

By Ingrid Nordstrom Part 3 of 5 The mystical power and life of objects is uniquely explored in Midnight Party on view at the Walker Art Center from March 19, 2011- August 3. 2014. The display is arranged by guest curator Joan Rothfuss the through a daring paradigm of wonder and the fantastical.   This exhibition… Continue reading The Alchemy of Objects: Midnight Party

9 Artists in Search of…

By Ingrid Nordstrom Part 4 of 5 When thinking on the exhibition 9 Artists, the Luigi Pirandello play, Six Characters in Search of an Author continually came to mind. The meta-theatrical play works through the relationships between author, characters, theatrical practitioners and the audience. A Director’s rehearsal is interrupted by Characters in search of a resolution to their plot. Many arguments… Continue reading 9 Artists in Search of…

The Walker Art Center’s Existential Dilemma

By Ingrid Nordstrom (Part 1 of 5- Institutional critique) In a lecture opening the exhibition Claes Oldenburg: The Sixties at the Walker Art Center in September of 2013, with a nod and a wink Claes Oldenburg stated, “Well, this is an awfully clean version of The Street. So, now it’s become art, you see.”i This… Continue reading The Walker Art Center’s Existential Dilemma

Balthus. Coy, but no Cigar.

By esartia There are two days left to see “Balthus: Cats and Girls- Paintings and Provocations” ” at the Metropolitan Museum before it closes on. This is the first major exhibition of Baltusz Klossowski de Rola’s aka Balthus’, work in a US museum since 1984 and it has left much to be desired. The show focuses… Continue reading Balthus. Coy, but no Cigar.

Gilbert and George Brighten the High Line Art Billboard with Vibrant Colors

by Kat Widing Photo by Laura Bjorstad The High Line Art Billboard is back in action, sporting Gilbert & George’s Waking (1984) next to the High Line at West 18th Street. With luminous colors and thick black outlined figures, the semi-mirrored composition of faces and bodies recalls the look of a stained glass window. Gilbert… Continue reading Gilbert and George Brighten the High Line Art Billboard with Vibrant Colors

Zarina: Paper Like Skin

Zarina: Paper Like Skin by Lauren Kolumbic CLOSING April 21st Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 1071 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10128 Visiting the Guggenheim is an awe-inspring experience, no matter what exhibition is gracing the spiraling rotunda. While the vivid Gutai exhibition is currently keeping visitor’s heads on a swivel as they stroll up the… Continue reading Zarina: Paper Like Skin

The scenery changes three times

  The scenery changes three times By Candace Moeller   Curated by Blonde Art Books, in cooperation with Schema Projects 92 St Nicholas Ave Brooklyn NY 11237          Schema Projects in Bushwick is my kind of gallery. Yes, it’s located a convenient three-minute walk away from my apartment, but it offers something that my… Continue reading The scenery changes three times